Covert Commissions UPDATE: 1ST SALES Came FAST!

Covert Commissions UPDATE: 1ST SALES!

 Matthew Brandt here reporting my early experiences promoting Covert Commissions.

 Covert Commissions is an amazing Done-For-You Affiliate Cash Earning Software. For a limited

time, you can get in FOR FREE!


I've been putzing about lazily for the the last few weeks, playing with ad copy while sending a half-

dozen odd emails to a single safelist (Herculist). About a day ago, I log into my JVZoo account, and

what do I see?

That's right. I made Three sales, including two monthly recurring

sales, WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING IT! Now if you take a closer look, you will notice a few

things. First, all three sales were made in a three day period. But That's not the Important Part. Some

of these sales are for completely different products, and/or appear to have been made with ZERO

CLICKS! Why is this? Well, The answer is simple. Covert Commissions is promoting further affiliate

products to my leads in follow up email sequences which convert EXTREMELY well. I will be

scaling up, and updating this page as I see more results. So to recap, this is an amazing software

which has a (limited availability) free edition, does not require paid tools to work, and can make you

money for real. Why wouldn't you give this a try? I can't think of a reason! Get in today while you

still can.

Cheers and good luck,



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