Covert Commissions-Secret Onboarding and Bonus Page

Hello and Welcome to the Onboarding Information and Bonus Page for Covert Commissions!

Secret Bonus

Covert Commissions is a cloud hosted, plug-and-play affiliate marketing software, with done-for-you promotion funnels for dozens of products available to use.

Example of free, hosted giveaway landing page you can use with Covert Commissions.

It also includes built in tracking you can use to track ad campaigns by keyword, split test ad copy, etc.

Once your prospect has opted in to receive a free giveaway download, they will be added to one of several lists maintained by the product creator Cindy Donovan. They will receive valuable free information, more downloads and be given recommendations of products (first the main product being promoted, and then similar products. The list is Hardcoded to YOU and you will receive Commissions for ALL SALES as long as you have entered your affiliate network id(s) and received approval to promote the product from the product vendor.

Mention Covert Commissions in your JV request on the affiliate network website and you will be guaranteed approval.

Ready to Get Started?

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Cheers, and Good luck on your Marketing Journey!


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